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Friday, January 8, 2010

How It Looks From Here

I am going to experiment with setting up my own blog. I am motivated to do so because of my experience with Facebook. I only recently joined Facebook and have enjoyed catching up with friends, family and associates. I seem to have two different goals when I am on Facebook. The first is personal: I want to interact with my friends and share personal tidbits.

Facebook is well suited for this type interaction. Secondly, I like to share my perspective on numerous topics of interest to me. Facebook is not so well suited for this usage. I often have more to say than is conveniently displayed in a Facebook note. Moreover some of my friends and associates probably are more interested in what is going on with me personally than my views on such topics. So I am going to experiment with blog posting for a little while. Whether I continue this exercise will depend on how much of a time sink it is, and whether anyone is actually interested in reading it.

Topics that I will probably discuss include thoughts on Antisemitism, Acquisition Reform, Climate Science, Evolution, The Final Solution, Holocaust Denial, Human Rights, Humanism, Humor, Infrared Spectroscopy, Judaism, Management, Math, Military, News, Public Policy, etc.

At the moment, I am interested in Climate Science, its popularization, and its mis-characterization. Some of my initial posts will probably relate to this topic. I am an unapologetic fan of Real Climate. Some of the content there is a bit technical and I hope that I can help make it accessible. Additionally, I have a bit of experience with passive infrared spectroscopy. It seems to me that climate science presents a teachable moment on infrared spectroscopy and I'm interested in pursuing that possibility.

In the past I have been very interested in Holocaust Denial and I have been a contributor to The Holocaust History Project. From time to time I will probably post on the topic.


Rich said...

I'm just testing the comment feature.

Pete said...

You're always someone i've admired and have been grateful to have as a friend. I'm glad to participate in this, if you'll have me.

I'm looking at the possibility of doing an on-line interactive podcast. Interview format with audience participation. The producer is in the process of setting it up. I'll let you know.

Rich said...

Sounds interesting.